Wow! This is a crazy market!


In the last week, in northern Nevada, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in rental activity. Vacant properties are being snapped up in record time, all of a sudden. Have you seen it in your market?


In my observation, the increased activity is directly related not only to improved economic conditions, but a subtle shift in our perception of economic conditions. Regardless of where you may stand, politically, there’s no denying that the mood has suddenly become one of optimism. Guarded optimism, perhaps, but we’re seeing evidence of it every day!


Our response to this shift was quick. Our clients count on us to keep close tabs on market changes, and their confidence is well placed. We updated (read: tightened up) our rental application and qualifying criteria this afternoon.


Please share your own experiences by leaving a comment on this post. Are you seeing a shift in the market? If so, what are you doing with your policies/procedures to meet the changing conditions?