Winter Newsletters – Who Reads This Stuff?


It’s been our practice for quite some time to send our tenants a newsletter every fall and spring, helping them prepare for the coming season. It’s that time of year again… time for the Winter Newsletter.


Hoping to garner some fresh ideas for this annual publication, we searched online today and found all kinds of interesting stuff. From holiday recipes, to tips for saving water, to security recommendations, and human interest stories… It seems property managers are becoming more and more creative, in an effort to reach out to their tenants. I applaud the efforts I see being made, but I’m left to wonder if that approach really works.


Searching for the best vehicle…


This year, I’m torn between the desire to make the newsletter entertaining and informative, and a seemingly conflicting desire to simplify the process. So many of our tenants are new to the area, and there are some seasonal necessities that must be communicated.  At the same time, the majority of our tenants are very busy people. Are they going to take the time to find the nuggets of really important stuff, buried within the fluff?  I’ll admit to being unsure of the best way to deliver this information.


Although the winter maintenance and precautionary items appear in our lease agreements,  we doubt many tenants refer to the lease (or can even locate the thing), once they’ve moved into the property. The reminders are important. Somehow, I think the vehicle for delivering those reminders is equally important. A colorful, information-rich newsletter is visually attractive, but does it accomplish what we need it to?


As a property manager, what are you doing to keep your tenants informed of important seasonal changes and maintenance requirements? Are you including reminders for snow shoveling, furnace filter changes, and smoke detector batteries within an information-packed newsletter? Or, are you opting to stick to the basics? What works best for you?


Please take a moment to share your tips for a newsletter worth reading. We’d love to hear your thoughts!