Nevada Property Managers – Consent to Act


32251852This topic seems to come up very frequently, in my Nevada classes. “When should I present the Consent to Act form?”


Although there are varying opinions on this subject, I’ll share mine. And, should your view differ, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post. Sharing information and opinions is a vital component of our success as Nevada Property Management professionals!


As a matter of personal/office policy, I never introduce the Consent to Act form.

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Agency: Property Management vs. Real Estate Sales




A very interesting conversation is taking place on “REEAline,” a discussion group of The Real Estate Educators Association.  It’s about the concept of “Agency,” and whether Agency is really what the consumer wants or needs from the real estate professional today.


The argument is made that the buying and selling consumer doesn’t really need “representation” in the purchase of real estate; that Agency is

“an artifact… invented either to a) extend regulatory control over businesses and [sic] create a cartel-class market system in which interference becomes desired by practitioners…”


Given the fact that anyone today can research a piece of property, take a virtual tour, get statistics on a neighborhood, determine market value for a given property, and advocate for his/her own interests in a transaction, what does the real estate professional have to offer that the consumer really wants?  Continue reading “Agency: Property Management vs. Real Estate Sales”