Appliance Repair – Landlord Responsibility?


Appliance Repair - Landlord Responsibility?

This issue seems to be a recurring theme among Nevada Property Managers. At least once a month, I’ll receive an email from a residential manager asking me a variation of this question. Whose responsibility is it? Although I’ve addressed the issue before, I think it’s important to revisit it, in response to a recent email:

I manage a rental property in northern Nevada that includes a refrigerator with an icemaker. The icemaker stopped working, and I’m told it will cost more to repair the icemaker than to replace the refrigerator. The tenant says I am required to repair the icemaker or replace the refrigerator. Is this true?

The answer is a solid “Maybe.”

Nevada Landlord/Tenant Law tells us it is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain appliances in good repair, if they are supplied by the landlord. In the same section of law, the landlord and tenant are allowed enter into an agreement making the tenant responsible for some repair items, only if: Continue reading “Appliance Repair – Landlord Responsibility?”


Rental Agreements in Nevada


Nevada Rental Agreements

Emailed by a reader:

“I just purchased my first rental property, and am looking for a rental agreement that will fit many different types of residential property.  I’ve seen several different varieties of a “standard agreement”, and they’re all different.  My plan is to take the best clauses out of all of them, and discard the rest.  Are there any clauses I am  required to  include?


Nevada does not prescribe a specific form for rental agreements. Each landlord may use his/her own rental agreement, as long as it meets the minimum provisions under our state’s Landlord/Tenant law.  Chapter 118A.200 of the Nevada Revised Statues (Landlord and Tenant: Dwellings) specifically applies to your written rental agreement.  There are numerous provisions that you must include in a rental agreement:  Continue reading “Rental Agreements in Nevada”


Legal Discrimination

Tenant Selection

As a property manager in Nevada, one of your responsibilities is to qualify tenants to rent your properties. We know we are prohibited by both state and federal Fair Housing laws from discriminating against a potential tenant because of his race, skin color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status (presence of children under 18), disability, or ancestry. Yet, is “discrimination” always illegal?

As humans, we discriminate on a daily basis.

In its most basic definition, to discriminate “is the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently.” There are legal ways in which landlords determine the qualifications of prospective tenants.

Show me the money.

As property managers, our owner/clients expect us to verify prospective tenants’ income, employment and credit. We need to know whether the prospect pays his rent and other bills on time. We want to know whether he’s been evicted before. These factors are essential in determining whether a prospect is qualified to enter into a rental contract. Continue reading “Legal Discrimination”