My dad was a roofer.


awningI still remember those days, sitting on a very high stool, in his workshop/office. Busying myself with lord-knows-what, while he worked. Little pieces and parts…all of them, scattered on the desk.

Lots of pencils. Drawings. Unopened mail. Invoices never sent. Collections never pursued. No systems or procedures in place.

Just the art.

Just the art of making and repairing all types of roofs, and fabricating/hanging aluminum awnings. And, yes. They were all customized; works of art. Yet, the business acumen was missing. Big time.

I’m pretty sure I became a property manager to show him how that part is done. 

It is forever mine then, to remember and embrace the art of it. 

And you?


2 Replies to “My dad was a roofer.”

  1. I used to roam free in the HVAC company building as a little boy. My dad made armor out of sheetmetal for all three of us. And yes, lots of trust, perhaps some bill payment betrayal, perhaps too much mercy here and there for those who may not have deserved it. But the work was always the thing, right? A fixed home in the rear view mirror.

    And these days, developing systems is an art in itself. Always asking the question, “How can I make it work better?” Or, “Is the new WidgTron 2016 REALLY better enough than my current service,, to warrant a change?” If you can find joy in not quite trusting how you do things, you can find joy in the neverending refinement. And, hopefully, you’ll see the results in your business.

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