Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!


As this amazing year draws quickly to an end, I’m reminded of all the rich experiences, fascinating people, and fun times I enjoyed in 2012.


Thank you, Lisa Betts, my awesome booking agent. Thank you for taking a chance on me, and providing me with so many great opportunities to share best practices and experiences with fellow property managers all over the country, this past year.


Thank you, too, to all the wonderful property managers I had the great pleasure to meet  along the way. From Nevada to Virginia, New Jersey to Wyoming… so many of you are so highly dedicated to serving the interests of your clients and customers in a professional manner. Thank you for sharing your market knowledge, policies, processes, “war stories,” and opinions so openly, during the classes and workshops you attended. I look forward to seeing many of you again, in 2013!


Thank you to the event organizers. You all have the toughest job, I think. And, you carry it out so well, giving both your attendees and speakers a fun and educational experience.


To my closest friends… Thank you so very much for your enduring love, companionship, and insight.  Gentle mirrors, every one…


And, thank you to my loving family! Your support, encouragement, dog-sitting services, and business acumen really brought it all together to make this year so rewarding.


A special thanks to my daughter and business partner, Sarah Berry. You not only stepped up to take the helm during some of the most challenging circumstances we encountered during the year, you did so with great aptitude, and a healthy dose of humor – such a necessary thing, in our business!


Best wishes to all who read this post. May the coming year bring you joy, abundance, and wonderful opportunities for growth and happiness. See you next year!