Accommodations and Modifications for Residents with Disabilities

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Whether you are a property manager, owner-landlord, board member, or HOA manager, sooner or later you’ll be faced with a request from a resident for an accommodation under Fair Housing Law.


How about a quick test, just to see how ready you are for these requests… 


  1. True or False:  A resident with a cognitive disability asks permission to keep a companion animal. You discover the animal is a pot-bellied pig. You may deny the request because the animal isn’t a standard “household pet.”
  2. True or False:  You have a 4-plex (2 units upstairs, and 2 units downstairs) that was built in 1995. A prospective resident wants to rent the vacant downstairs unit. He tells you he has a mobility disability, and will need a wheelchair ramp to get in the front door, as there are two small steps up to the entrance. You must pay for the wheelchair ramp.
  3. True or False:  One of your residents has a visual disability. He asks you to publish your rules and regulations in an 18-point font, so that he can read them. You are not required to comply with the request, as making that accommodation would pose an undue financial or administrative burden for you.
  4. True or False:  It’s a good idea to have written policies and procedures for how you will deal with requests like these.


Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 11 in Reno…


I’ll be teaching my class “Accommodations and Modifications for Residents with Disabilities,” at the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS® classroom. In addition to answering the true/false questions above, the class includes sample policy documents and forms you can take to your office and modify to suit your business. If you got all the answers right on this little quiz, it would still be great to see you next week. If you got any of the answers wrong… well, you know what to do :). The class is approved for 3 CE credits in either Ethics or Property Management for Nevada Real Estate Licensees. Call Reno/Sparks Association at (885) 823-8800 for registration information, or click here.


Did you think I’d forget the answer key?


  1. False     2. True     3. False     4. True     Surprised? Please share your comments and questions on this post.  I hope to see you next Thursday!